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9-10 Minors

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2010 Dixie Season

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2011 Minors News

Blacksburg Rally Falls short

08/16/2011, 1:24pm EDT
By Admin

Bruins lose to Alabama 4-3

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Photos from Virginia's District 3 Tournament, hosted by Radford.


Click on each picture for a larger, better quality version


Team Blacksburg

Starting Pitcher Grant Johnston

Blacksburg Coaches

Cordell Croy display his new crop haircut

Grant Johnston and his teammates

Jacob Lucas

The Freel brothers talk strategy

Andrew Roberson's double got things started vs Pulaski

Matt Freel fires to the plate

Jacob Lucas gets a hit

IF Craig Weaver

Manager Brad Epperley celebrates with his players

Team Blacksburg

Matt Freel waits for the sign

Ben Freel

3B Coach Tracy McCoy

Luke Goforth displays perfect fly ball form

Grant Johnston

CF Luke Goforth

Coach Freel and Ben Freel @ 1st Base

1B Wes McCoy

MInors stay loose before game

2B Matt Freel takes infield

3B Davis Roberson takes infield

CF Luke Goforth charges a short, high fly ball

Team Blacksburg chant's "Playing for Pops"

Bruin Coaches are introduced

Luke Goforth leads off the game

Starter Grant Johnson

Craig Weaver waits for the sign from 3B Coach Tracy McCoy

Jacob Lucas

Cole Epperley

Luke Goforth fires to the plate

Blacksburg breaks huddle for warm ups

Luke Goforth and Wes McCoy watch the action

Craig Weaver is ready to play!

Craig Weaver about to get one of his two hits in one inning

Team Blacksburg talks strategy during a time out

Luke Goforth in his lead off spot

Starting pitcher Grant Johnson

Colin Collver bunts

Team Blacksburg

Ben Freel fires to first

C Wesley McCoy

Jacob Lucas is introduced

Cole Epperley rips a double

Catcher Ben Freel had a big game in round 2

Team Blacksburg

Christian Vance

SS Cole Epperley

Blacksburg Coaches Talk Strategy

3B Jacob Lucas

Bruin faithful Aaron Lucas and Parker Epperley

Manager Brad Epperley readies his team

SS Cole Epperley watches the ball into his glove

1B Wes McCoy snags an infield grounder in warm ups

OF Craig Weaver readies for a high fly ball

Of Cordell Croy

Team O-Zone sits on the hill and supports their Minor counterparts

Team Blacksburg

Coach Freel instructs Cole Epperley

Jacob Lucas

Christian Vance

Grandma and Momma Goforth

Wes McCoy zeros in on a fastball

Team Blacksburg

Cole Epperley accepts his championship trophy

Jacob Lucas accepts his championship trophy

Cordell Croy accepts his championship trophy

Colin Collver accepts his championship trophy

More Water

Blacksburg's great fan base

Colin Collver

Jacob Lucas on 1st after a big hit up the middle

Cordell Croy

Luke Goforth accepts his championship trophy

Davis Roberson accepts his championship trophy

Grant Johnston accepts his championship trophy

Matt Freel accepts his championship trophy

Blacksburg accepts their Team Championship Trophy

Team Celebration

More fun celebration!

Luke Goforth carries the championship game home

Craig Weaver at the plate

Tournament runner-up Christiansburg

Ben Freel accepts his championship trophy

Wesley McCoy accepts his championship trophy

Craig Weaver accepts his championship trophy

Christian Vance accepts his championship trophy

Manager Brad Epperley is doused with the team water jug

District 3 Champions!

Staying loose before a game

Staying loose before a big game

C Ben Freel

Future Hoosier All-Star

"Smile", you're on our website.

Cordell Croy & Craig Weaver

Davis Roberson, Jacob Lucas, Cole Epperley, and Colin Collver

Christian Vance

Coach Mike Freel

1B Wes McCoy

Blacksburg fans of all ages

Luke Goforth

The Roberson Family

Coach Mike Goforth and Chris Lucas

Christian Vance on 1B

Stephen Case and Parker Epperley

Wendell Jones shot of "the splash"

Wendell Jones shot of "the splash" pt 2