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11-12 O-Zone

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2011 O-Zone News

Blacksburg O-Zone Wins District Sportsmanship Award

07/15/2011, 2:08am EDT
By Staff

Award Based On Team and Fan Behavior

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Team Blacksburg

Sebi Cianelli fires to the plate

Ryan Anderson

Eyes on the ball

Starting Pitcher Jake Verniel

Andrew Roberson takes infield


Jared Madigan

Jake Verniel

Above Photos Courtesy of Wendell Jones

Team Blacksburg

Jake Verniel drives one up the middle to score Cianelli

Justin Snyder steals second base

Seb Cianelli displays perfect batting form

Justin Snyder lays off the outside pitch

Team Blacksburg between innings

P Brad Shelton

SS Seb Cianelli

P Jake Verniel

Team Blacksburg being introduced

Starter Seb Cianelli helped contribute to a 1 hitter

P Madigan picks off runner with 2B Justin Snyder assisting

Bruin Coaches celebrate a big double play

The whole team has pulled back together

Andrew Roberson's walk off 2 run HR ends the game in the 5th

Roberson is presented with HR ball by Greg Holbrook

P Jason Verbrugge

Brad Shelton is presented with his home run ball

Team Blacksburg before game with C'burg

P Seb Cianelli

P Seb Cianelli fires to the plate

1B Hunter Radford

2B Jared Madigan

Part of the Blacksburg Fan Base

Andrew Roberson pounds out a big hit

Brad Shelton on 1b while Andrew Roberson is at bat

Bruin Coaches survey the field

Jared Madigan contributes to 1 hitter vs Pulaski

More Celebration

Jake Verniel runs to second on a double to the gap

Andrew Roberson is met @ home plate by Jake Verniel

Team O-Zone sits on the hill and supports their Minor counterparts

Starting Pitcher Jake Verniel

Ryan Anderson and Brad Shelton are presented HR balls from Greg Holbrook

Jake Verniel accepts his runner-up trophy

Jared Madigan accepts his runner-up trophy

Blake Davis accepts his runner-up trophy

Jason Verbrugge accepts his runner-up trophy

2B Jared Madigan

Brad and Ryan pose with their HR balls

Andrew Roberson accepts his runner-up trophy

Brad Shelton accepts his runner-up trophy

Justin Snyder accepts his runner-up trophy

Austin Nickle accepts his runner-up trophy

Tiquest Terry

Sebi Cianelli accepts his runner-up trophy

Ryan Anderson accepts his runner-up trophy

Hunter Radford accepts his runner-up trophy

Tiquest Terry accepts his runner-up trophy

Team Blacksburg accepts their runner-up trophy