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Fall Program

Each fall, the Blacksburg Baseball Association runs a Fall Baseball Program to provide more opportunities for play, and to help players prepare for the upcoming Spring season by either honing their skills in their current age group, or "playing up" to the age group they will be a part of during the next Spring season. We believe Fall to be the primary "developmental" time, where coaches stress the skill development and new skills (for those moving to a new age group) that may be required for the following spring season.  

Fall Baseball is especially important to those players who will be moving to a new age group. While still competitive, Fall Baseball gives them the opportunity to get a "jump start" on the spring season by learning new skill sets, new rules, and playing on a bigger field, as required in the next age group.  For example, coach pitch kids who are 8 move to kid pitch, and 10 year olds move to O-Zone. Simply put, Fall is a great "transition" time for many players, and in most cases, significantly increases the likelihood of each players success the following Spring as they hit the ground running vs. others who will be learning for the first time. The overall league includes teams from same localities (Christiansburg, Montgomery County, and Radford) we play during the spring Dixie Youth Baseball Program.

Players are not penalized for playing another sport and may come to practice whenever they can make it.  We realize that Fall is the primary season for Football, and thus, players will not be penalized for missing practices or games.  We encourage as many players as possible to play Fall Baseball in order to ease the transition to the next age group next Spring.


All players must register, and pay the registration fee. Players of all abilities accepted. To register, print out the registration form, fill it out, and mail it, along with a check for the registration fee, to BBA, 2900 Tall Oaks Dr, Blacksburg VA 24060. The registration form and check must be received by Friday August 16, 2019 @ 5:00 pm.  No refunds.  Please Make the check payable to "Blacksburg Baseball Association." Registration is by mail only; there will be no "in person" registration session. Practice is expected to begin the end of August and games will begin approximately two weeks later, dependent upon other league registrations.  The season will run through approximately Halloween.  Halloween is usually when the weather turns poor.


Parent handout can be found here

Fall Registration form can be found here 

Season Participation Fee

Registration fee for all players is $110 for kid pitch and $100 for coach pitch. Registration fee is due with the registration form. There is a $25 late fee. Blacksburg Baseball Association is a self-funded organization and DOES NOT receive any public funding from the Town of Blacksburg or Montgomery County.  Fees to play Dixie baseball are lower at Rec Departments (such as Christiansburg, Montgomery County & etc) because the player's fee is subsidized by local taxes.  The BBA is 100% volunteer and we must fund all of our own cost including field rentals and umpires.

The Fee paid to the BBA helps cover all the expenses to run the league, such as field rentals, umpire fees, medical and liablity insurance, league liability insurance, Dixie franchise fees, a high quality jersey, a fitted hat, team equipment, practice baseballs, game baseballs, web site fees, and other administrative fees.  We try to keep the fee as low as possible. A players fee only covers approximatley 60% of the total cost and the remaining 40% is funded by corporate sponsors. Thus, corporate sponsors are critical to the success and continuation of the BBA.  

Please make all checks payable to "Blacksburg Baseball Association." Please, no cash.  No refunds.

Corporate sponsors are being accepted

The BBA cannot exist without corporate sponsors as the player's fee only represents about 60% of the true cost of the program.  We appreciate any type of sponsorship, whether it's a small donation of an official sponsorship from a business (or individual.  

If you are interested in making a donation or sponsoring a team, you can contact the league directly or check the box on your child's registration form.  You may contact the league via the "Contact Us" tab at the top right of the page.

Please visit our Sponsor Page to see the generous local businesses who have helped make this league possible.  Without them, the costs would be at least 2-3x higher per participant. Please visit these sponsors whenever you feel it is appropriate.  

A Child's Participation Age for Fall Baseball

A child's participation age for Fall Baseball is determined by the child's participation age during next year's Spring Dixie Program. In other words, the child's "league age" for the Spring 2020 season determines their participation age for the Fall 2019 Baseball Program.  Thus, the child's age on May 30th, 2020 will determine the child's fall age for this fall.

However, if you feel your child is not yet ready for the next age group, we will work with you on the appropriate age group.  Not all players develop at the same rate.  We want players to be successful.  

The BBA provides for play in three age divisions, shown in the following table. In the table "2019 league age" is the child's age on April 30, 2020:

  • 6-8 coach pitch age group (children league age 6-8 in 2019).
  • 9-10 kid pitch age group (children league age 9,10 in 2019)
  • 11-12 kid pitch age group (children league age 11,12 in 2019).  Players who played in the 11-12 league in the summer of 2019, but will be league age 13 next spring, are permitted to play this fall, but they can only pitch one inning per game.  We permit this because there is usually no other place for them to play (in the fall).


Approximately 12-13 games, depending on weather (about 10 games for coach pitch). Kid pitch opponents include teams from Auburn, Christiansburg, Pulaski, Radford, and Shawsville. Home games are at Kipps Elementary School. Away games are played at the respective team's site (e.g., Kiwanis Field in Chrisitiansburg).



Since the coaches of each team are 100% volunteers, practices are up to the discretion of the head coach.  Some coaches practice more than others, and the practice times are usually dictated by the coaches work schedule.  Some coaches have obligations at work and thus must practice later in the evening, while others can get away and practice earlier in the day.  

Because Kipps does not have any lights, practice times are either 5:15 - 6:30 PM or 6:30 - 7:45 PM.  If there are certain times your child cannot make practice, you should note that somewhere on your registration form.  This should only be a consideration when the child has a legitimate conflict, such as another sport or some type of firm activity commitment.  We do not honor "preferred" practice dates or times due to the overwhelming demand of all the participants.  We will do our best to honor requests, but cannot guarantee them.

Practice for Coach pitch is normally once per week and usually for an hour.  The emphasis for CP is having fun and learning the fundamentals of the game of baseball.  Games are typically 1-2 per week and CP players don't play as many overall games as their older counterparts.  However, they receive the same high quality uniform.  

We feel it's critical for CP players to hone their skills before "moving up" to kid pitch.  If players are not successful at whatever activity they are attempting, they typically move on to something else.  

If you should have any questions about which age group your child should be in, especially for fall, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Every player / child is unique and every player develops at a different rate.  We have experienced many players who are very "average" when they are younger but become high school starters and we have seen the exact opposite....Younger players who are "All-Stars" but struggle to make their HS team or even JV.                                                                                                                       

Thus, the emphasis should be on the "long term" and the overall development of the complete baseball player.