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All-star baseball teams to take the field

07/04/2008, 5:58pm EDT, By Lerone Graham

Pool rescue unfolds amid World Series drama

08/10/2007, 5:55pm EDT, By Ray Cox

Dixie Youth team abuzz about World Series berth

08/03/2007, 5:47pm EDT, By Evelio Contreras

Blacksburg baseball players are in it for the long haul

07/27/2007, 5:39pm EDT, By The Roanoke Times

Blacksburg Dixie Youth having time of their lives

07/20/2007, 5:33pm EDT, By The Roanoke Times

Blacksburg Makes Regionals an Upsetting Affair

07/13/2005, 5:12pm EDT, By Hart Fowler Special to The Roanoke Times

Blacksburg team has high hopes in Dixie

07/07/2004, 5:07pm EDT, By Tim Winsky

Starting Thursday, all-star teams from Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Montgomery County, Pulaski, Radford and Patrick County will compete in the Virginia Dixie Youth Baseball District Tournament in Radford.

Blacksburg Dixie district champs on their own

07/26/2002, 4:59pm EDT, By Aaron McFarling

Unlike many of its competitors that are franchised through local recration departments, the Blacksburg age 9-10 baseball team is fielded and operated by the families of the players.