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BBA and BHS Renovate Surface of Blacksburg High School Baseball Field

01/21/2007, 2:20pm EST

In the fall of 2006, the Blacksburg Baseball Association, in conjunction with BHS, renovated the playing surface at Blacksburg High School. Constructed in 1974, the field has had more than its share of wear and tear. The existing infield was removed, and a comprehensive drainage system was installed. Over 100 tons of topsoil was added in order to bring the field up to specification. Some spots on the field were different in height by as much as 10 inches! The field was graded and rocks removed. A clay pitcher's mound was installed and new sod was laid. These pictures record some of the activity. The project cost was $35,000. Many thanks to the countless volunteers who helped with this community project. Together, we are making baseball in Blacksburg better.

Ricky Sowers drills and saws through a concrete manhole to install the infield drain line.

A different view of Ricky. Believe it or not, it took him several hours to cut through the massive concrete structure. All 400 ft of new drain line tie into a sewer main.

John and Michael Simonetti begin accessing the water main so the team can install the new infield water line.

Over 400 feet of drain lines were installed to remove water from the field.

Tony Houff operates his ditch witch.

Various members of the BBA working on the field.

Senior Greg Juanarena displays his awesome raking skills and exceptional muscular development.

John Galbraith directs players on where materials should be moved.

Lots and lots of rocks needed to be removed.

Our new infield awaits.

After weeks of grading, drain installation, and mound installation, the new sod was ready for installation.

Lavery Sod Farm begins laying the new bluegrass.

Progress is being made.

We're almost there...

An hour after the sod was laid, it was time to water.

Another view of the finished product.

"Rounding third" on the finsihed product!

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