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District 3 Announces Minors All-Tournament Team

07/07/2015, 1:15am EDT
By D. Gresh

Blacksburg Places Seven Players on All-Tournament Team


This award is unique to our district and was started by Don Gresh when he took over as District Director 3 years ago.  The purpose of the All-Tournament team is to recognize as many players as possible.  Many great players play in this district as it is one of the most competitive in the all of Virginia.  For example, in three of the last four years, the winners of this district have gone on to win the state tournament, and advance to the World Series.  Thus, this award is a way of giving more players who are not on championship team a way to be recognized for their great play.

The All-Tournament was the selected by the umpires.  The criteria for selection to the All-Tournament team was overall individual play, consisting of batting statistics, fielding, and sportsmanship.  Level of competition throughout the tournament, especially opposing pitching, was also as a consideration.


The 2015 District 3 All-Tournament Team:


1st Team Pitcher:   Raymond Ladd, Blacksburg

1st Team Pitcher:  Sean Kang, Blacksburg

1st team Catcher:  Spencer Campbell, Blacksburg

Ist Team Infielder:  Tanner Evans, Christiansburg

Ist Team Infielder:  Mason Self, Christiansburg

Ist Team Infielder: ​Trevor VandeVord, Blacksburg

Ist Team Infielder: ​Conner Deane, Blacksburg

1st Team Outfielder:  Darius Machingo, Christiansburg

1st Team Outfielder:  Eli Sterling, Blacksburg

1st Team Outfielder: Max Kanipe, Radford


2nd Team Pitcher:  Junior Lester, Radford

2nd Team Pitcher:  Joseph Tuck, Christiansburg

2nd Team Catcher:  Blane Reedy, Pulaski East

2nd Team Infielder:  Jason Goldin, Pulaski East

2nd Team Infielder:  Tristan Thomas, Montgomery County

2nd Team Infielder:  Drake Grandee, Christiansburg

2nd Team Infielder:  Tanner Lester, Radford

2nd Team Outfielder:  Kai Feng, Blackburg

2nd Team Outfielder:  Gabriel Huff, Pulaski East

2nd Team Outfielder:  Kenny Wade, Montgomery County



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